The Little Things... / by The Child Development Center Of Easton

I have learned to love the little things in life. Many times adults rush through life and in turn rush their children through life. I have taken the time out to get on my students level and see what they see everyday. The reason why it takes them so long to get to the circle time carpet when I have told them too multiple times is because they stop along their journey to the carpet to admire the toys that I took hours to pick out for the classroom, and spent lots of money on. They take the time to find the missing tire from the Hess fire truck that has been missing for days. They take time to stop and tell me how beautiful my new vest is. They take the time to let their friend know that they want to be partners with them. They take the time........ to get where they are going but enjoy their journey much more. This morning I got into the transportation vehicle and found 3 toys that belonged to my students, and it reminded me to always enjoy the journey that life takes me on and just reminded me of the love my students give to everyone that crosses their path and how much I love them back! Now...... to rush a return these toys!