Curriculum Structure 

The Child Development Center of Easton understands that each child has a unique way in which they are able to learn. Our personalized curriculum offers instruction that will align with your child's way of learning to provide the highest quality curriculum possible. Your child will be taught curriculum in the following subjects:

  • Reading/ Language Arts
  • Writing/ Fine Motor
  • Scientific Thinking and Technology (Exploring, Scientific Inquiry and Discovery)
  • Creative Thinking & Expression (Music & Movement, Dramatic Play, Visual Arts, Communicating through the arts)
  • Health, Wellness and Physical Development (Concepts of health, healthful living, safety and injury prevention, physical activity, Movement-fine motor)
  • Social and Emotional Development (Self-awareness and self- management, establishing and maintaining relationships, decision making and responsible behavior)
  • Extra Curricular Activities (Foreign Language instruction, computers/technology, basketball/sports Camp)
  • Language and Literacy (Foundational skills, reading informational text, reading literature, writing, speaking and listening)
  • Mathematical Thinking and Expression (Numbers and operations, algebraic concepts, geometry, measurement, data and probibility
  • Social Studies (Economics, civics and government, history, geography, connecting communities)