Infant Program (6 weeks to 12 months)

Here at The Child Development of Easton, we cultivate warm emotional ties between our teachers and your infant. Our curriculum encourages your infant to learn, develop and grown in their own unique way. Each schedule is personalized to adjust to your infant's requirements. Our open door policy also encourages parents to come visit their infant and our center throughout the day. Infants' schedules follow the schedule that is set forth bu each parent, allowing the child to continue their familiar routine while in care.

Toddler One Program

The year between 12 months to 24 months is a time where a toddler's skills and knowledge are constantly expanding. The toddler one program fosters positive growth, development and effective differentiated instruction. Each day your child will experience an age appropriate theme that encourages learning and keeps their interest growing. As your toddler comes to recognize and explore their independence, our daily activities will keep them learning and adventurous while maintaining a safe place for such exploration. Our Toddler learning center offers your child options for dramatic play, blocks, puzzles and manipulatives. As well as art, library and sensory tables. The day of our toddler on students is an exciting, educational and productive one.

Toddler Two Program

The Child Development Center of Easton recognizes the unique learning developmental stages that occur between ages two and three. While the energy level in the classroom is high to meet the spirit of our two-year-olds, our teachers maintain an environment that continues to foster a joy of learning. Each day is filled with a lot of hands-on-fun and learning. Our Toddler two program includes developmentally appropriate activities prepared by our experienced and nurturing teachers to create an encouraging learning environment. Our curriculum will prepare your child for preschool and strengthen and continue to build cognitive and social skills needed for their future experiences