📦📦Boxes📦📦 / by The Child Development Center Of Easton

When I was a kid, I used to find boxes so interesting! I could easily turn a box into a playhouse, car, mailbox, treehouse, table and much more!!! When we gave our kids boxes yesterday, they seemed unsure of what to do. Their curious eyes were nervous of making the wrong decision on what to do with the box. As I sat in the middle of the art station and decorated my box, I received many questions such as “what are you doing miss Karlena?” , “What are you making?”, “Why did you give me a chicken nugget box?”... All to which I replied “This is your box, make anything you want with it”. It was then, the students got to work. Frantically grabbing construction paper, scissors, glue, paint and anything else on the art shelf. It was heartwarming to see them truly thinking about their creations and working as a team to get their boxes done. Art that incorporates no limits and has no structure is the best art. We love Free art!!